Die Tage galloppierend

The days are romping past. In two months from now, I’ll be jumping on the plane and getting out at Frankfurt, and I’m barely into week three of my three-month course.

Part of the problem is that I should go a lot faster than the class, who are planning on taking a year to go the distance at two hours of class time each week. I could race through the book, I guess, but I’d be out of step.

Bearing in mind my friend’s image of German as a plateau with a steep initial climb and a modest slope after, I might aim to climb as much of that slope as possible, and use my private textbook – Language Hacking German – to fill in the colloquial and practical.

A bit of a break this week. Our tutor reported that after a visit to his dentist his mouth was in no shape to pronounce the language as it should be, and so he’d skip a week.

Fair enough. Last time I went to the dentist, I couldn’t open my mouth wider than half a sausage for weeks. Hamburgers were out of the question.

We’ve got enough to go on with. The next chapter has a wheelbarrowload of vocabulary and a cupful of grammar. Apart from learning Lili Marlene, I’ll be busy working through the exercises. And listening to the CDs, where native speakers aren’t talking through a mouthful of agony.

I won’t be up to Hamburger standard, though.