Banksy wall art showing workman chipping a star off the EU logo.

I am blessed with several Facebook friends in Germany and Austria, as well as some of German extraction. Often their Facebook status updates are in German, and I can try to puzzle out their meanings.

Facebook helpfully provides a “see translation” button, and I can switch back and forth until I have a reasonable stab at how the words are put together.

If I have any problems, why, but I can always ask my friend, who will be only to happy to advance my studies.

And sometimes I can make a smartarse comment in German.

I have a friend, currently visiting London. “Chaos in England wegen Schnee,” she reports. The FB translation is not required. I know that Schnee is snow, and in the context, wegen must mean something like “because”.

“Nein!” I shot back. “Chaos in England wegen May!” and earnt a laughing face icon in response.


(photo credit: Duncan Hull)