Talk like a man

Benny Lewis is my new hero. His attitude to learning a new language is fresh and exciting.

He doesn’t insist on perfection, and he’s got a point there. None of us are 100% perfect at anything when we start out. Do we ride the Tour de France – and win – the first time we jump on a bike? No, we wobble and fall off, and push the thing up modest inclines. In a month maybe we’re one of those fools who whiz past in a pack at dawn, but we sure don’t set off that good.

“Talk like Tarzan”, he says. “Me Tarzan, you Jane.” It’s not pretty, but it works, we’re speaking in foreign, we’re using the few words we know from the first page of the book, and maybe we get the girl.

So that’s my approach. Talk every day, gain confidence in the words I know, learn from my mistakes, and if I fall off, get back on the learning bike.


(Photo credit: Giorgio Muratore)