What’s the word?

The SBS – Special Broadcasting Service – television channel is Australia’s multicultural broadcaster, presenting programs from around the world in the languages of our most recent arrivals.

They do various news bulletins, and one of them is a daily half hour from Deutsch Welle. Bingo! One of my objectives, to watch a German-language news bulletin and get the gist of it.

Rather than get a solid slab of German, a news show has various visual cues to help with gaining context, and as I’m a news junkie anyway, there’s a good chance I’ll know what a story is about anyway, and I can listen with a little more ease.

I found the show today. It comes on at 1030 daily, but is also available on the AppleTV On Demand app so I can watch it whenever I like, and even rewind for a tricky bit.

I was able to pick out a word here and there on first listening, and one puzzled me. Maybe it’s a phrase. It sounded like “acht-tag”. Eight day? A kind of German week. From the Beatles, maybe?

It’s a puzzle, but if anyone but me is reading this and knows the answer, feel free to jump in!